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BOOST Program


BOOST Program

About the BOOST Program

All Californians deserve to live in communities where they can have access to clean air and water, clean transportation, affordable housing and economic opportunity. Yet many communities across the state lack the staff capacity and resources to develop projects and secure funding to make this a reality for their residents. To help address this need, we have partnered with the California Strategic Growth Council (SCG) on the BOOST Program to help local governments across the state build capacity to address those needs.

The BOOST Program provides customized and tailored support to help communities:

  • Build awareness of funding opportunities to address climate action;
  • Organize projects to be best positioned to meet its goals;
  • Optimize existing resources and build more capacity;
  • Strengthen relationships with key stakeholders and identify new opportunities for regional engagement and collaboration; and
  • Transform their approach to addressing climate action.

The 2021 BOOST Program is based on the BOOST Pilot Program which helped 10 cities and two regions build capacity to advance their climate and equity goals. The 18-month pilot was designed to provide flexible and responsive technical assistance to address the varying and evolving capacity challenges of local governments, while also sharing best practices and lessons learned to help inform state programs.

In this round of BOOST, we have selected seven cities to receive tailored support in the form of trainings, partnership development, community engagement planning and implementation support, grant application assistance, and communications support.

Learn more about the BOOST Program participants in their profiles below, and you find out more more about the successes of the Pilot Program in the Best Practice Report here.

Beacon Participant Profile

BOOST Participant–City of Arcata

Beacon Participant Profile

BOOST Participant–City of Arvin

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