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BOOST Participant–City of Salinas

Beacon Participant Profile

About Salinas:

The City of Salinas is a compact urban community within a unique agricultural setting. Salinas Valley is known as the “Salad Bowl of the World,” and is comprised of highly productive agricultural lands. Planning for the future means providing for employment and housing in a way that preserves the city’s economic vitality and equity for all. 

  • Population: 150,441 (2010)
  • Location: Monterey County
  • Area: 23.65 square miles
  • Disadvantaged community: 25%
  • Poverty rate: 17%
  • Median household income: $54,864
  • Language other than English spoken at home: 70.2%

BOOST Activities:

  • Collaborate with regional partners to help develop a baseline greenhouse gas inventory for the city.
  • Seek partnerships with educational institutions and other partners to identify strategies and associated quantifications for greenhouse gas reductions.
  • Provide training on community engagement and support efforts to include economic justice in newly created plans.
  • Identify grants and relationships to support affordable housing, energy efficiency, green infrastructure and health and public safety projects. 

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