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Sustainability Best Practices Framework


Local Climate Action Library (LoCAL)

The Institute for Local Government’s Sustainability Best Practices Framework has been enhanced and transformed into a new searchable database called the Local Climate Action Library (LoCAL). LoCAL features hundreds of policies, programs, and practices implemented by local governments across California, aimed at promoting climate equity, environmental stewardship, and economic stability.

We invite local government staff and officials to explore this new resource to:

  • Identify promising sustainability programs and policies;
  • Inform a comprehensive climate action planning process; 
  • Inspire community engagement and partnership activities; or
  • Integrate sustainability and equity into general plan policies.

Check out our interactive tool below. Have a suggestion on how to improve this resource? Contact Nikita Sinha at

How to use the interactive tool:

  1. Select which chapter of the best practices you want to explore by selecting a Sustainability Topic
  2. Refine your search by selecting a Subtopic, Category, Primary Partner, Co-benefit, Location, and/or Community Engagement tactic.
  3. Find more details on the best practice by hovering the icon on the right
  4. Download a pdf or Excel file of your refined search by selecting the download icon on the bottom right


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