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Working with Staff


Working with Staff

An agency’s professional staff will be an important source of information for newly-elected officials. If your agency does not have an orientation for newly elected officials, make an appointment to get acquainted.

Some questions to ask include:

  • What issues does the agency executive see as most pressing?
  • What process does the agency use for developing and approving its budget? What are the key budgetary challenges?
  • What is the status of long-range plans and capital projects?
  • Are there other key staff members with whom the official should meet and be briefed by, based on their particular interests?

Other information on staff/elected issues appear below.



Maximizing the Success of Board/Chief Executive Relations

Different local agencies use different names for the chief executive officer: city manager, city or county administrator, chief executive officer, and executive director are among a few.


The Division of Roles Between Elected Officials and Staff

Elected officials collectively decide policy issues for the agency.  Staff is responsible for implementing that policy direction.


What Do Staff Do?

Public agency staff play a number of roles. Some of these roles involve providing agency services and facilities; others involve presenting information and analysis to decision-makers.


Elected Official Direction to Staff

This article explains the uniquely sensitive relationship that exists between elected officials and staff at public agencies. 


When the Leadership of an Agency Changes

Elections can result in a change of the majority philosophy on a local governing body. 


Understanding the Labor Negotiations Process
California's Collective Bargaining Process

When county or city employees are represented by a union, the agency must negotiate with that union regarding their pay and benefits, working hours, and working conditions.

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