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BOOST Participant–City of Rialto

Beacon Participant Profile

About Rialto:

Located in the Inland Empire near several major interstates and transportation hubs, the City of Rialto has grown exponentially in recent years due to the building of major distribution centers in the region. Given that Rialto is home to a high percentage of people of color with socioeconomic, health and environmental burdens, equity and environmental justice are very important to the community. Through the BOOST Program, the city hopes to address staff and capacity challenges by increasing training and forming collaborative partnerships with its community to implement its newly adopted Climate Adaptation Plan.

  • Population: 103,526 (2019)
  • Location: San Bernardino County
  • Area: 22.4 square miles
  • Disadvantaged community: Yes
  • Poverty rate: 16.15%
  • Median household income: $61,518

BOOST Activities:

  • Support the City of Rialto in prioritizing which of the 25 identified projects in the city’s newly adopted Climate Adaptation Plan should be near-term priorities
  • Support the city in identifying and pursuing funding mechanisms and partners to help implement the near-term priorities from the city’s newly adopted Climate Adaptation Plan
  • Provide a community landscape, public engagement trainings and communications support to assist the community in understanding how to engage in climate and equity programs and activities
  • Provide technical assistance and consultation to help the city ensure that equity is embedded in its update of General Plan: Land Use, Safety and Environmental Justice Elements
  • Provide research, partnership development and consultation on Smart City Strategies to address community and climate effects caused by the trucking sector

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