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Preparing for SB 1383: Organic Waste Resources


Preparing for SB 1383: Organic Waste Resources
Organics Recycling & Edible Food Recovery Resources

New requirements around organic waste recycling will soon be a reality under SB 1383. Learn how local agencies are preparing for the regulations through model ordinances, franchise agreements, edible food recovery programs, procurement and more.


Organics Recycling Web Resources

Access resources such as CalRecycle’s SB 1383 Education and Outreach webpage, which includes the latest tools to help your agency prepare for the statewide organic waste and edible food recovery targets.


Organics Recycling Model Tools

CalRecycle, in coordination with HF&H, developed four model tools to assist jurisdictions and stakeholders with implementation. 


Organics Recycling Case Studies

Nine SB 1383 case studies highlight promising practices local agencies have undertaken to prepare for new organics recycling regulations, including franchise agreements, enforcement ordinances, edible food and procurement.

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