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Developing Resident Leadership

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Developing Resident Leadership

Resources and case stories to help local agencies inform residents about local government and civics, develop community leadership and participation, and create effective citizen academies.

Post Melissa Kuehne

Best Practices for Recruiting Candidates for Local Government Boards & Councils
The Local Agency's Role & More

Every two to four years, community members bravely put their name on a ballot, signing up for the chance to serve as a leader on a city council, a county board or a special district board. But how did those candidates get started? Where did they learn about the opportunity to serve? Where did they go for more information?

Post Randi Kay Stephens

Community Leadership Programs: Empowering Future Leaders

This paper discusses the mutual benefits of community leadership development programs to both local governments and their communities. Learn about key components of leadership programs, example programs from throughout the state and potential partnership options.

Post Melissa Kuehne

Community Leadership Programs

Community-based leadership programs build skills and support the development of emerging leaders through a series of seminars, workshops and other local projects. This article includes tips on leaderships programs can help your community and how to find programs in your area.

Post Melissa Kuehne

Civics and Municipal Literacy Projects for Young People

Learn about new civic education and municipal literacy projects for young people — in Colorado, Maine, and Kansas.

Post Melissa Kuehne

Innovative Citizen Academies Educate and Engage New and Diverse Leaders in California Communities

A growing number of California cities are developing citizen academies.

Post Madeline Henry

Resource List of Citizen and Leadership Academies in California

The Institute of Local Government has compiled this list of citizen and leadership academies as a service for interested local officials and others.

Post Melissa Kuehne

Developing Resident Leadership Case Stories

The following stories describe successful efforts by California cities and counties to inform residents about local government and civics, develop community leadership, and create effective citizen academies.

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