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Chairing a Meeting


Chairing a Meeting

In this section, the Institute offers resources for chairing a meeting, codes of conduct, preparing for successful meetings and ideas on getting meetings back on track. Video interviews with current and former officials supplement written materials with tips on making meetings productive, maintaining civility and engaging the public.


How to Chair a Meeting

A key element of the success of any meeting is the approach and skills of the meeting chair.


Video Interviews: Chairing a Meeting

ILG has been out and about, collecting local officials’ tips on how to successfully chairing local agency meetings. The short clips below offer a number of good ideas.


Preparing for Successful Public Meetings: Checklist for Before, During and After

Use this simple checklist to review your steps before a meeting, during a meeting and afterwards to create well-organized and inclusive public meetings.                                               

Preparing for Successful Meeting: Checklist for Before, During and After


Get Your Public Meetings Back on Track
April 2013

What options do local officials have for reducing disruptions and disruptiveness?

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