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Getting Started


Getting Started

In this section you will find resources that explain what public engagement is, why it can be beneficial, key questions to consider, overall principles and others.


What Is Public Engagement and Why Do It?

This publication has information to help local officials better understand how to get residents involved. 


Effective Public Engagement through Strategic Communication

Strategic communication is an essential tool for effective public engagement. 
This tip sheet offers advice on communication strategies before, during and after the agency’s public engagement effort. The Institute is deeply grateful to the Met Group and the James Irvine Foundation for making this piece available to local officials.


Three Orientations of Local Government Public Engagement: Passive – Active – Sustaining

A tip sheet to help local officials and their communities consider strategies to develop and sustain a capacity for public engagement as a part of local governance.

Three Orientations of Local Government to Public Engagement


Principles of Local Government Public Engagement

Ten principles that can serve as helpful indicators of effective and ethical public engagement practices, as well as guide city, county and other local officials in the design of public engagement processes and strategies.


Working Effectively with Public Engagement Consultants: Tips for Local Officials

This tip sheet offers recommendations to help guide local officials in the best use of public engagement consultants.


Planning Public Engagement: Key Questions for Local Officials

Key questions for local officials to ask to increase the appropriateness and effectiveness of their public engagement efforts.


Increasing Access to Public Meetings and Events for People with Disabilities

This tip sheet outlines general guidelines for increasing access to local government meetings and events for people with disabilities. It includes tips on effective communications, accommodations and timing and walker, cane, scooter and wheelchair access among other issues affecting community members with disabilities.

Increasing Access to Public Meetings and Events: For People with Disabilities

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