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Codes of Conduct, Civility, and Ethics


Codes of Conduct, Civility and Ethics

Collaboration among elected bodies and between individual members takes effort. Finding common ground and cultivating respectful relationships early on can make for a more civil and effective governing body.

A guiding document, or code of conduct, can help facilitate such collaboration and serve as a framework for decorum between individual members and the elected body as a whole.


Sample Codes of Ethics and Conduct

A number of local agencies have adopted values-based ethics and conduct codes. A sampling appears below. Does your agency have a code of ethics? Please contact us, and we will add it to our collection.


Sample Civility Policies

Below please find sample Codes of Conduct and Civility Policies from cities across the state. This is not an exhaustive list, if you have a policy or code you would like to share, please contact Melissa Kuehne at


Sample Governance Handbooks

Below please find sample governance and policy handbooks from cities and counties across the state. 

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