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BOOST Participant–City of East Palo Alto

Beacon Participant Profile

About East Palo Alto:

The City of East Palo Alto is located in San Mateo County, but sits on the border of Santa Clara County. While located in the technology-rich Silicon Valley, the small city has not been able to capitalize on many economic and social benefits. East Palo Alto is committed to providing a strong base of affordable housing for the region in a way that advances a jobs-housing balance, updated infrastructure and an improved quality of life for all.  

  • Population: 28,155 (2010)
  • Location: San Mateo County
  • Area: 2.64 square miles
  • Disadvantaged community: 25%
  • Poverty rate: 13.7%
  • Median household income: $58,783
  • Language other than English spoken at home: 73.3%

BOOST Activities:

  • Create a process to evaluate and prioritize sustainability, health, and equity throughout plans and projects in the city
  • Increase the city’s ability to work more collaboratively internally and externally to develop key relationships related to climate and equity initiatives
  • Enhance the city’s ability to track, apply for, obtain and implement grant funding
  • Showcase the city’s sustainability, equity, and public engagement efforts and outcomes

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