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SB 375 Resource Center


SB 375 Resource Center

Senate Bill 375 (2008, Steinberg) builds on the existing framework of regional planning in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicle trips.The Institute for Local Government has created this resource center which includes three premier workbooks (located to the right) to help local officials learn about California’s SB 375 as it relates to:

  • Regional Planning for Transportation, Housing and the Environment
  • Public Participation Requirements
  • Opportunities to Engage the Public in Regional Planning

Also included in this resource center are basic definitions and resources related to SB 375 and information on how California’s metropolitan planning organizations are implementing this law.


SB 375 Definitions and Resources

This section is designed to provide an overview of basic terms and resources related to SB 375, which relies on regional collaboration by local officials to address California’s goals for reducing that portion of the emissions of greenhouse gases that stems from automobile travel. The law coordinates three important planning activities into a new integrated planning process:

  • The regional transportation plan (RTP);
  • The regional housing needs assessment (RHNA); and
  • Updating the housing element of local general plans.

Metropolitan Planning Organizations: SB 375 Updates

This section is designed to provide local officials with an overview of metropolitan planning organizations – regional agencies governed by local officials within their metropolitan region. These agencies have important responsibilities, including a new emphasis on regional planning for transportation and housing as revised by SB 375. Below is information on regional planning activities (including the development of sustainable communities strategies), public participation efforts and planning documents for each metropolitan planning organization.

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