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Ethics Education and Training (AB 1234)


Ethics Education
AB 1234 Training

The Institute offers a number of resources to help local officials and their staff comply with California’s requirement (sometimes referred to as “AB 1234″) that local officials periodically refresh their knowledge of public service ethics laws and principles.

The purpose of this training is to alert local officials to the extensive array of laws that apply to public service, as well as the unique ethical obligations public servants have.



AB 1234 Self-Study
Online Test Available

The Institute offers two, one-hour self-study exercises as an option for local officials to satisfy AB 1234 requirements. The self-study materials can also be used to make up for time missed at in-person sessions if the official either arrived late or left early.


Ethics Training Requirements FAQ

What do local officials need to do to comply with California’s requirements (sometimes referred to as “AB 1234″ after the legislation that created them) for biennial ethics training for specified local officials?


The Institute’s Self Study Program and the FPPC Online Alternative

There are several alternative options for satisfying California’s ethics education requirements.


Ethics Education Resources for Trainers

The Institute offers a number of resources designed to help local agency attorneys help their clients comply with California’s ethics training requirements.


Sample Notice of Ethics Training Options

State law (Government Code Section 53235(f)) requires local agencies to advise local officials subject to California’s ethics education requirements about their compliance options at least once annually.

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