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Transparency Strategies


Transparency Strategies

Transparency is a key element of public trust and confidence. A commitment to transparency demonstrates to the community that an agency and its officials have nothing to hide. 

There are a variety of ways to show this commitment:

  • Conscientious observance of transparency laws
  • Concerted efforts to share information with the public about local agency operations and decision-making process
  • Commitment to engaging the public.

Transparency in Local Government: Protecting Against Corruption

What can local officials and their communities do to prevent a culture of self-interest over public interest from taking hold? What can they do to make sure abuses of authority do not occur in their communities?


Local Agency Website Transparency Opportunities

This document provides checklists and guidance for posting information in categories such as Decision-Making, Finance and Human Resources, Permits and Zoning, Elected Officials, News and more. Click here to see the PDF and related articles featuring the City of Bell.

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