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Leadership Skills


Leadership Resources for Local Officials

Being a leader, particularly in local government, isn’t easy. Institute for Local Government makes a priority of making resources available to local leaders to help them in their service to their communities.

Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.–Peter Drucker


Is Your Governing Board Stifling Innovation?
12 Tips to Promote Smart Risks

In our disruptive environments, innovation is an imperative for local agencies. Communities are confronted with economic distress, demographic and social shifts, and opportunities posed by new technologies.


Working with Others to Achieve Goals

Local agency processes are group decision-making processes in which one needs the support of others to make things happen.


Leadership Strategies in Times of Economic Meltdown

Setting priorities is important, as resources become increasingly tight for California local agencies.  Institute advisor Frank Benest, Ph.D. offers 10 strategies to respond to resource limitations in this article.


The Ethics of Speaking One’s Mind

How far does one’s free speech rights extend when one is a public official and one disagrees with the position the majority has taken? 

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