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BOOST Participant–Town of Mammoth Lakes

Beacon Participant Profile

About Mammoth Lakes:

Mammoth Lakes is a resort town nestled in Mono County. The “Community Vision” for Mammoth Lakes embodies values and principles that recognize the uniqueness of its natural surroundings and its character as a village in the trees. Protection of its environmental integrity, tourist-based economy and providing appropriate housing that residents and workers can afford are critical to the town.

  • Population: 8,234 (2010)
  • Location: Mono County
  • Area: 25.31 square miles
  • Poverty rate: 7.6%
  • Median household income: $62,308
  • Language other than English spoken at home: 35.5%

BOOST Activities:

  • Seek research partners and funding opportunities pertaining to climate resilience, efficient transportation, renewable energy and waste reduction in a way that addresses the unique challenges of a rural resort community surrounded by federal land.   
  • Support public engagement and sustainable building opportunities related to the town’s new affordable housing “Parcel Project.”
  • Assist in cultivating relationships with state agencies and key stakeholders to support additional infill housing and infrastructure projects. 
  • Attend conferences and webinars to gather and share information on behalf of the Town of Mammoth Lakes.   

BOOST Successes:

ILG helped the Town of Mammoth Lakes secure a $20 million Infill Infrastructure grant, in addition to SB 2 and LEAP grant funding to support the development of “the Parcel”, the town’s largest workforce housing project. The Parcel will provide 400 affordable housing units on a 25-acre plot of land in the middle of town and will include snow storage capacity, broadband, and incorporate bike and pedestrian-friendly trails.

Case Story

Town of Mammoth Lake Engages Their Community to “Plan the Parcel”

The Town of Mammoth Lakes is a unique resort getaway town tucked away in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and is the only incorporated community in rural Mono County. It is home to many visitors throughout the year seeking a snowy adventure in the winter or hiking, mountain biking and fly-fishing in the summer. Residents of Mammoth Lakes welcome the visitors and part-time residents, but the constant flow of vacationers causes a unique challenge for the town. Because of the influx of visitors, the town suffers from a larger impact on emissions than the year-round population.

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