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Sustainable Economic Development Resource Center


Sustainable Economic Development Resource Center

Creating prosperous and sustainable communities is a goal that all local officials and leaders can share, and we at the Institute want to help you pursue that goal.

What is Sustainable Economic Development?

Many cities and counties are pursuing sustainable economic development – policies and practices that help communities attract and retain jobs for the long term, while also maintaining environmental quality, conserving resources, addressing economic disparities, promoting public health, and otherwise improve the city’s quality of life.  Many of these strategies have the added benefit of reducing short-term and long-term costs to provide and maintain public services and infrastructure.


Prosperity that Lasts
Building Economically Sustainable Communities

How can local communities reap fiscal and economic benefits from sustainability programs such as energy efficiency, green infrastructure, water and wastewater management, well-designed communities and other best practices? This resource outlines strategies and success stories from cities and counties that have boosted their local economy and bottom line with smart sustainability investments and practices.


Resources for Sustainable Economic Development

These resources include links to studies, reports, and organizations that can help local officials in their efforts to create more prosperous and sustainable local communities.

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