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SF Bay Area Climate Portal


San Francisco Bay Area Climate Action Portal

Explore best practices by local governments

Find resources for implementing climate actions

Climate Actions in the Bay Area

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Download table of Climate Actions in the Bay Area.

New Greenhouse Gas Exchange Launched

California Air Districts provide new platform for GHG reductions.


BAAQMD Adopts 2050 Climate Resolution Goals

The Bay Area region looks ahead to 2050 greenhouse gas reduction goals.


Getting to Zero Waste: Banning Plastic Bags

Learn how Bay Area cities are banning the use of plastic bags.


Updates on Climate Action Plans

Explore what’s new with climate action plans from Bay Area cities/counties.


Napa County – Working with Winemakers to Achieve Sustainability

Estimated to contribute $11 billion to the local economy, the Napa Valley wine industry is both the economic engine of Napa County and one of the County government’s chief allies in climate protection.


Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Tool


To support and better understand the benefits of smart growth land use planning to air quality, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) contracted with Fehr & Peers, Transportation Consultants to develop an excel-based tool that quantifies VMT (vehicle miles traveled) reductions from transportation demand measures (TDM). 

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