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Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Tool


Posted by BAAQMD, updated June 2012

To support and better understand the benefits of smart growth land use planning to air quality, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) contracted with Fehr & Peers, Transportation Consultants to develop an excel-based tool that quantifies VMT (vehicle miles traveled) reductions from transportation demand measures (TDM).  The resulting reductions in VMT can then be translated into reductions in air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.  The tool provides reliable quantification of TDMs that can be used in CEQA analysis for projects and inform smart growth planning strategies related to density, transit accessibility, transit service, and parking policies.  In total, 25 individual TDM measures across five categories are included:

  • Land Use and Project Location
  • Neighborhood Enhancements
  • Parking Policies and Pricing
  • Transit System Improvements
  • Commute Trip Reduction Programs

The tool is designed to quantify VMT reductions from measures that are implemented at a project-level.  All necessary calculations are fully automated by inputting project details.  Separate tabs provide individual measure formulas, input requirements, assumptions, and variables that are used to calculate VMT reductions.  The user is able to select individual measures as well as multifaceted TDM programs which can be evaluated simultaneously.

The tool can be downloaded by clicking the link at the right side of this page.  The user’s guide can be downloaded here.  For more information about the tool or questions please contact Ian Peterson at or (415) 749-4783.


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