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About this Portal


About the Climate Action Portal

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District has partnered with ILG to develop this portal for local governments to easily access tools and resources for implementing climate actions. 



The Air District is responsible for regulating air quality in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Our jurisdiction covers nine counties and 101 cities.

We have made tremendous progress improving air quality over the last five decades.  However, the predicted increase of extreme hot days due to climate change could substantially increase air pollution and reverse our accomplishments to date.

The Air District is committed to addressing climate change and is implementing numerous initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including:

Explore this climate portal to learn more about Air District activities and what local governments can do for climate protection.

Image of BAAQMD Climate Action Leadership Summit program cover

BAAQMD 2009 Climate Action Leadership Summit

Access resources & materials from this regional summit of local Bay Area leaders, including an excerpt from Thomas Friedman’s keynote address.

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