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Climate Presentations and other Helpful Material



Content updated by BAAQMD, May 2013.

Presentations, and other informative material on addressing climate change.

  1. Global Change and Air Pollution,” Dr. Daniel Jacob, Harvard University.  This presentation describes how climate change affects air quality.  Based on recent scientific research, it makes technical data and findings accessible with useful graphics and clear conclusions.  An excellent resource for people wanting to know how climate and weather affect air quality. 
  2. We Are What We Eat and Breathe, and Build,” Dr. Richard L. Jackson, MD, MPH, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health.  This presentation focuses on preventing chronic diseases and protecting the environment by building healthy communities.  The connection between public health, climate change, and the built environment is well-demonstrated.
  3. Black Carbon 101 for Air Quality Managers,” U.S. EPA.  In March 2012, the EPA completed a comprehensive study on black carbon to evaluate domestic and international sources, and climate and health impacts.  This presentation focuses on black carbon in the U.S., as well as climate impacts, emission and ambient measurements of black carbon, mitigation options and public health co-benefits.  This is a great introduction for those unfamiliar with black carbon.
  4. Climate Change Science Overview, Brian Bateman, Health & Science Officer, Bay Area Air Quality Management District.  This presentation provides a primer on the science of climate change, including indicators and milestones, the Greenhouse Effect, greenhouse gases, projections and future trends, greenhouse gas emissions by country (and California), and more.  This is an excellent and concise resource for local government staff and elected officials looking to brush up on the basics of climate change.


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