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Case Stories
Health, Planning & Community Design


These case stories highlight examples of creating healthy neighborhoods by way of planning and community design.  Each story includes lessons learned, links to additional resources and can serve as examples other agencies may consider and adapt to meet their communities’ unique circumstances.


Case Story
Courtesy City of Hughson

The Little City of Hughson Makes a Big Statement in the Central Valley

The City of Hughson is taking dramatic steps to secure a future of sustainable economic prosperity by building upon the key component of its local economy – agriculture.  Read the case story for more.

Case Story City of South Gate

South Gate’s Path to Community Participation and a Healthier Community

Ten years after a highly publicized corruption scandal, the City of South Gate is implementing a visionary general plan that seeks to develop a healthy, inclusive and economically vibrant community that is rich in community participation and transparency. The city invested almost one million dollars to develop the plan, which included extensive community participation. As a result of the robust public engagement process and the visionary updated general plan, South Gate has received numerous grants to support its implementation and related projects.  

Case Story

Healthy Food Comes to a Rural Neighborhood in Rancho Cucamonga

In response to staggering public health statistics, Rancho Cucamonga established a city-wide initiative dedicated to encouraging healthy and sustainable lifestyles. As part of this initiative, the city passed a zoning ordinance to allow farmers markets into one of the neediest neighborhoods and created a program that is helping residents make healthier choices.  

Case Story

Community Garden in Palm Springs Provides Fresh Food and Community Space

With a vision for healthy ecosystems and urban sustainability, the City of Palm Springs unveiled a popular and successful community garden that is now providing a stronger sense of community and a connection to the environment.

Case Story

City of Delano Engages Residents in Healthy Planning

The fast growing City of Delano is collaborating with community partners to successfully engage a cross section of residents in the General Plan Update process, with a particular emphasis on public health and safety.

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