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Land Use & Community Design


Land Use & Community Design

Well-planned communities with a balance of housing, jobs, shopping, schools and recreation can reduce the length and frequency of trips and give people the option of walking, biking, or using transit rather than driving. This results in lower greenhouse gas emissions and also promotes physical activity and more vibrant, healthy and sustainable communities.

For related information see the ILG’s Land Use & Environment program.

Land Use & Community Design Case Stories

Cities and counties are leading by example and undertaking a range of activities to create more sustainable communities.  These case stories review different local agencies’ experiences related to land use and community design activities.


Land Use & Community Design Resources

These resources will help inform your land use and community design activities. Resources include links to organizations, state and federal agencies, tools, guides and tip sheets to support your work.  You’ll also find examples of programs and materials from cities and counties.

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