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Public Engagement Publications & Resources


The Institute offers a variety of publications and resources to help local officials more effectively apply public engagement processes and strategies. This includes detailed guides as well as shorter pieces that hit the main points of a topic, as well as rosters of California youth commissions and citizen academies. These resources are found in the first two sections below.

Also find below a list of resources from other organizations, including guides to achieving successful public engagement.

Institute guides available for purchase or free download:

Shorter Institute pieces available for free download include the following:

Other public engagement organizations and resources:

  • Guides to Public Engagement – The list, compiled by the Institute for Local Government, is intended to help county and city officials design and use public engagement to address local issues and controversies.
  • Collaborative Governance Resources – A list of organizations in California and nationally that offer public involvement-related information, materials and/or direct assistance.


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