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CA Youth Commissions and Councils


What is a Youth Commission?

A youth commission is a body of local young people, between the ages of 12 and 24, who offer guidance to cities, counties, and special districts on issues affecting youth. Youth commissions, also referred to as committees, councils, task forces, or advisory boards, can make recommendations to a city council or board of supervisors as well as create their own youth master plans. Commissioners are encouraged to initiate educational campaigns, organize conferences, and plan community events around youth issues (i.e. education, public safety, community engagement).

Being a member of a youth commission allows for professional development, encouraging young people to pursue a career in the public sector and participate in local civic activities. They are a resource that provides youth a voice in the political process and community input for local government. When a city, county, or special district creates a youth commission, they are investing in a new generation of public employees and change agents.


Given changes locally, this information is not always up-to-date. If your commission contact information is incorrect – or if you know of a commission or council that’s not yet listed – please contact Randi Kay Stephens at and submit your revisions through our Youth in Public Engagement Story Form.

A sample of charters for youth commissions and councils in California available in PDF documents at right.

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