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Local Climate Adaptation & Resilience Plans


View real examples of climate adaptation plans in California to better understand the variety of formats adaptation planning can take.  You can also use these examples to help identify strategies which might work in your community.


City of Berkeley Resilience Strategy

On April 1, 2016 the City of Berkeley released its Resiliency Strategy which identifies six long-term goals and recommends specific short-term actions to help address some of the city’s most pressing challenges. This plan emphasizes building community resilience by building stronger connections between neighbors, various levels of government and between the private, public and nonprofit sectors.

Resilient San Francisco Plan

City of San Francisco: Resilient San Francisco Plan

RESILIENT-SF is a strategy that lays out the city’s most pressing challenges and strategies that involves the community and the city government partnering to make bold and lasting progress on those challenges. The plan specifically addresses earthquakes, climate change, sea level rise,  infrastructure, social equity and unaffordability.  


City of Oakland: Resilient Oakland Playbook

The Resilient Oakland playbook is a strategy document developed to help the City of Oakland tackle systemic and structural challenges. The playbook outlines ways the city help its community stay rooted, ensure equitable access to quality education and develop good jobs, stable housing, public safety and vibrant streets.

Post City of Santa Cruz

City of Santa Cruz Climate Adaptation Plan

The City of Santa Cruz recognized the potential threat of climate change, specifically identifying impacts of global warming as a threat to the community in the 2007 Local Hazard Mitigation Plan.  The City developed its Climate Adaptation Plan to address risks as an update to the 2007 Local Hazard Mitigation Plan, using Hazard Mitigation Planning Funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.


Climate Adaptation- Sea Level Rise White Paper
City of San Rafael, 2014

Released in January 2014, this paper is a first step in responding to the city’s Climate Change Action Plan (adopted in 2009).  This paper:

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