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Climate Adaptation- Sea Level Rise White Paper
City of San Rafael, 2014


Released in January 2014, this paper is a first step in responding to the city’s Climate Change Action Plan (adopted in 2009).  This paper:

  1. Identifies the key agencies that have been involved in studying and planning for sea level rise.
  2. Presents the most current information and studies on sea level rise, particularly in the Bay Area.
  3. Identifies potential funding sources to pursue for next steps.
  4. Summarizes the studies underway in the Marin and the North Bay.
  5. Describes techniques and tools that have been developed for adaptation.
  6. Identifies the San Rafael shoreline and levees areas to study, as well as potential opportunity areas for studying adaptation, and
  7. Presents suggestions for next steps in moving forward with preparing a vulnerability and long-term planning for sea level rise.

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