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A service of ILG’s Sustainable Communities Learning Network, the News Flash highlights fresh resources and upcoming events tailored for local sustainability practitioners.


Building Healthy and Vibrant Communities:
Achieving Results through Community Engagement

This resource helps local officials inform their residents about what land use planning is, who is involved, why community engagement matters and ways to participate.


Land Use and Community Design

Well-planned communities with a balance of housing, jobs, shopping, schools and recreation can reduce the length and frequency of trips and give people the option of walking, biking, or using transit rather than driving. This results in lower greenhouse gas emissions and also promotes physical activity and more vibrant, healthy and sustainable communities. ILG has a variety of case stories and resources to help local government make decisions about land use planning.


Beacon Cities Grab Top Three Spots in Cool California Challenge

In a competitive battle, the City of Riverside edged out second-place Claremont to be crowned the state’s “Coolest California City.” Rancho Cucamonga rounded out the top three. All cities received a portion of $100,000 in prize money, with the largest sum of $32,950 going to the City of Riverside. Our Beacon profile pages have more information about what the cities of Riverside, Claremont and Rancho Cucamonga are doing to promote sustainable practices and policies in their communities.


New Beacon Program Champions and Participant!

The City/County Association of Governments of San Mateo County (C/CAG) and the San Bernardino Associated Governments (SANBAG) have become a Beacon Program Champions! Thank you to C/CAG for supporting the City of Foster City in becoming a Beacon participant! Foster City ’s sustainability efforts include: implementing green policies and practices and participating in the HEAL Cities Campaign. Click here for more information on the Beacon Program.


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