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City of Riverside

Beacon Participant Profile

“Sustainable Riverside maximizes energy efficiency and makes the most efficient use of resources, and minimizes negative environmental consequences. Above all, it means meeting the needs of its citizens while not degrading or destroying the natural and constructed systems that will sustain future generations.” – The Clean & Green Vision, Riverside Clean & Green Task Force website.

About Riverside

  • Incorporated: October 11, 1883
  • Population: 300,430
  • Location: Approximately 60 miles east of Los Angeles in Riverside County
  • Elevation: 860 feet above sea level
  • Area: 78 square miles

Climate Action Activities

Climate Action Resources


Agency Energy Savings

Agency Natural Gas Savings

Agency Greenhouse Gas Reductions

Community Greenhouse Gas Reductions

Sustainability Best Practices

  • Gold Level (2013)
Case Story

Riverside Tree Program Grows

The City of Riverside launched the “Tree Power Program” in 2001 to increase its urban forest and help its residents save electricity and money. Well-placed trees not only provide shade that can reduce cooling costs by as much as 30 percent17, they also remove air pollution and absorb carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. Through the Tree Power Program, the city offered one free shade tree per year to residents, and a $25 rebate per tree for the purchase of up to five more.

Case Story

City of Riverside – Land Use & Community Design Program to Address Climate Change

The Riverside bicycle master plan, the result of comprehensive planning for future bicycle mobility in the city, envisions over 140 miles of new bike paths, lanes and routes to connect commuters with jobs, students with schools, and the general population with parks, shopping and regional bicycle trails.

Case Story

City of Riverside – Green Building Program to Address Climate Change

Riverside has a variety of green building programs, including the Riverside Green Builder program which offers new home builders expedited processing and utility meter approval. In addition, rebates are available through the city’s municipal electric and water utilities for energy and water efficiency retrofits on existing residential and commercial buildings.

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