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City of Foster City

Beacon Participant Profile

“Sustainable Foster City is a holistic and sustainable development strategy that seeks to protect, maintain and grow the economic resources in Foster City, protect its natural resources, and allow the community to pursue and enhance its quality of life.  The strategy is based on the concepts of economic sustainability, social sustainability, and environmental sustainability, and represents a long-term plan that is continually monitored and updated in the future. Simply stated, the strategy is: Foster City – A Sustainable Community by Design.” – Sustainable Foster City A Sustainable Economic Development Strategic Plan

About Foster City

  • Incorporated: 1971
  • Population: 30,567 (as of 2010)
  • Location: 20 miles South of San Francisco and 30 miles North of San Jose in San Mateo County.
  • Elevation: 7 ft
  • Area: 19.84 square miles

Climate Action Activities

Climate Action Resources


Gold Beacon Award (2019)

Silver Beacon Award (2017)

Agency Energy Savings

  • Platinum Level, 20% (2015)

Agency Natural Gas Savings

  • Gold Level, 13% (2015)

Agency Greenhouse Gas Reductions

  • Platinum Level, 23% (2017)

Community Greenhouse Gas Reductions

  • Platinum Level, 20% (2019)
  • Gold Level, 12% (2018)
  • Silver Level, 8% (2015)

Sustainability Best Practices

  • Platinum Level (2017)
  • Gold Level (2015)

Foster City Replaces Blighted Shopping Center with Housing For All Income Levels

The Community Before

Before Foster City replaces blighted shopping center with housing for all income levelsFoster City had a rundown shopping center with an abandoned gas station. The gas station was unused for some fifteen years and two of the remaining nine shopping center tenants had abandoned their sites.

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