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What is a Community School Partnership?


What is a Community School Partnership?

Community Schools Partnerships offer communities the opportunity to support the needs of children and families with an intentional, enhanced and supported academic, social and emotional health experience in the school setting as well as at other local agency and community-based sites.

Best practices include:

  • Tailored Community School Partnership Experience
  • Creating, Developing and Establishing Assets and Resources In Your Community
  • Rural, Urban and Suburban Experiences Are Unique
  • Start Small, Scale Up
  • Community and Family Engagement
  • Leadership and Governance: Informal or Formal
  • Funding: Leverage current funding resources and/or find-create additional sustainable funding sources
  • Evaluation of Programs and Services

National League of Cities: Advancing Education and Health through a Community Schools Strategy (Report)

The National League of Cities, in collaboration with colleagues at the GWU Milken School of Public Health, produced a report exploring the role of cities in advancing education and health including a focus on the community schools strategy. The report titled: “Advancing Education and Health through a Community Schools Strategy,” includes several city spotlights highlighting innovative health and education efforts, and strategies for cities to navigate the changing health care landscape.


What is a Community School Partnership?

In a community school, youth, families and community residents work as equal partners with schools and other community institutions to develop and tailor programs and services for that community.


Sample Partnership Materials

This section of the Toolkit contains examples of partnerships and their relevant documents and materials that can serve as guiding resources for emerging or sustaining partnerships.


The Role of Community Schools in Place-Based Initiatives: Collaborating for Student Success by William R. Potapchuk

“Across the United States, communities are thinking differently about how to transform their schools and neighborhoods. There is tremendous excitement about strategies that weave together resources in a clearly defined “place” to collectively improve outcomes for children, youth, families, and communities.” Learn more from this report co-published by the Coalition for Community SchoolsInstitute for Educational LeadershipPolicyLink, and the West Coast Collaborative.

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