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Sample Partnership Materials


This section of the Toolkit contains examples of partnerships and their relevant documents and materials that can serve as guiding resources for emerging or sustaining partnerships.


Citrus Heights

The Citrus Heights Collaborative provides a voice and an arena for information sharing among various local organizations and individuals focused on enhancing the quality of life by improving human services and social services in Citrus Heights, a suburb in the County of Sacramento.  The Collaborative was created by the Citrus Heights City Council in 1998 and has been active ever since.

Lassen County

The Lassen County Superintendent of Schools participates in the administrative oversight team for Lassen County Children’s System of Care Program Services BRIDGES to ensure availability of coordinated, wraparound services to children who are at risk and their families. BRIDGES offers intensive case management and multi-disciplinary services for families with seriously emotionally disturbed children.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Education Partnership, formed in 1984, is an education support organization that works as a collaborative partner in high poverty communities to foster great schools that support the personal and academic success of children and youth from birth to high school.  Their community schools programs include five in the Los Angeles area.

Mountain View

The City of Mountain View partnered with a local middle school to build a water reservoir underneath the school’s athletic field in exchange for agreeing to construct and maintain a new field.


Pasadena School/City Partnership was formed from a commitment to working together cooperatively to foster 21st Century Learning Skills to improve student outcomes, to support our local economy, and to ensure the City grows as a local and global center of innovation.  A few of their example documents are available here:

Redwood City

Redwood City (RWC) 2020 is a collaboration involving 8 public and nonprofit organizations that serve children, youth and families that live in Redwood City and unincorporated North Fair Oaks. A few of their example documents are available here:

San Pablo

In November 2011, the City of San Pablo passed a resolution to  scale community schools throughout San Pablo. The school district presented a co-written district-wide full service community schools resolution covering five cities to the West Contra Costa Unified School District Board of Education in 2012. That board unanimously passed a resolution to implement community schools beginning with its high schools that have school health based centers and two elementary schools, one with a dental clinic operation. The City of San Pablo published a document, Community Schools Initiative – Where Community Supports Education and Education Supports Community, sharing the San Pablo community schools strategy and associated research.


SUN Community Schools System

The Schools Uniting Neighborhoods (SUN) Community Schools System is located in Multnomah County.  They are full-service neighborhood hubs where the school and partners from across the community come together to make sure kids and families have what they need to be successful – in school and in life.  A few of their many reference documents are available here:

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