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Investing in Community Health and Prosperity


Healthy, vibrant communities don’t happen without thoughtful planning. Decisions about land use, urban design and transportation have dramatic impacts on the economics, air quality and health of our communities. The choices we make impact worker productivity, business growth, environmental pollution, as well as healthcare and infrastructure maintenance costs that can cause economic burdens for communities. By working together, local leaders and community members can identify and address concerns about community health, safety and economic stability while working to seize opportunities to invest in solutions that align with community values.

State climate change programs, including those funded by the Cap and Trade Program, are required to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This is accomplished through investments in clean air, energy, water and transportation infrastructure, transportation systems upgrades, affordable housing, community amenities, agricultural operations and preservation and the development of ecosystem services. These investments provide local governments opportunities to improve the quality of life, health and economic prosperity of their communities.

This publication outlines the planning impacts on public health, which funding streams are available to different types of communities and outlines California’s climate investments.

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