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Lynn France
Environmental Services Program Manager, Department of Public Works, City of Chula Vista


About Lynn

Lynn is the Environmental Services Program Manager for the City of Chula Vista Public Works Department, managing the waste reduction and recycling programs under AB 939. 

Lynn has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and has a Senior Certified Sustainability Professional Certificate via Cal State San Marcos and the Global Sustainability Institute of Technology.

She has over 28 years of experience in the recycling and solid waste industry working for recycled paper mills, managing material recovery facilities, local government liaison for national and local waste haulers and now works for local government.

In Chula Vista, as part of their AB 939 programs, Lynn developed the Chula Vista Clean Business program (2007) as a method of outreach to local businesses to increase recycling.  The program has grown to be an inter-departmental program incorporating energy and water conservation, stormwater/pollution prevention and recycling/solid waste management.

Additionally, Lynn manages several South San Diego County Regional Programs:

  • The South Bay Regional Household Hazardous Waste Program (serving three cities and the southern end of the unincorporated county).
  • Regional used oil and filters recycling program (serving eight jurisdictions).
  • The Southern California Border Region Recycling Market Development Zone and services on the board of directors for the California Recycling Market Development Zone administrators.
  • She is actively involved in the San Diego County Integrated Waste Management Technical Advisory Committee to SanDAG’s solid waste task force.

She is the Chair of the Board of Directors of the California Product Stewardship Council – working with local governments to promote producer responsibility for end of product life management.  

ILG Contributions

  • Webinar speaker
  • ILG recycling advisory committee member
Beacon Participant Profile

City of Chula Vista

“Working with ICLEI and The Climate Registry, the Conservation Division coordinates implementation of the City’s Climate Action Plan and monitors the City’s progress by performing annual emission inventories. Chula Vista was the first public agency in San Diego County to receive the “Climate Action Leader” designation from the California Climate Action Registry and the “Climate Registered” designation from The Climate Registry.” -City of Chula Vista

Sample Commercial Recycling Ordinance

Sample Commercial Recycling Ordinance

This sample commercial recycling ordinance, prepared in 2009 by the Institute for Local Government’s climate change program, offers policy choices to consider. It can be modified to reflect unique community circumstances and issues.

Post Commerical Recycling

Webinar- Creating Effective Commercial Recycling Education and Outreach Activities

Creating Effective Commercial Recycling Education and Outreach Activities
Wednesday, October 6, 2010
10:00 am-11:30 am, Pacific Time 

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