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Resources for Sustainability Courses


Local agencies are embracing policies and practices related to sustainability to save energy, natural resources and money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and make their communities more vibrant places in which to live work and play.  The Institute’s resources for sustainability courses include information about real-world, sustainability best practices, six sustainability resource centers, examples of what cities and counties are doing in ten sustainability areas, case stories, and whitepapers that offer impartial analyses of sustainability issues.


Sustainability Best Practices Framework

Click here to download the entire Sustainability Best Practices Framework.


Beacon Program

The Beacon Program is a statewide program that provides recognition and support for California cities and counties that are working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save energy and adopt policies and programs that promote sustainability.


Evaluating Greenhouse Gas Emissions as Part of California’s Environmental Review (CEQA) Process: A Local Official’s Guide

This guide provides information about California law related to evaluating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as part of California’s environmental review (CEQA) process. It is written for the busy local official and others seeking a plain language explanation of the requirements. It includes endnotes for those who want more detailed information or references to the law.


Climate Change and Public Health: An Overview for Local Officials

This paper looks at the relationship between climate change and public health and provides strategies to consider to meet the potential public health impacts of climate change.


Understanding the Basics of Climate Change Cap and Trade: An Overview for Local Officials

This whitepaper provides a general overview of the concept of cap-and-trade as it relates to climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It also offers information about key issues of interest to local officials and suggests resources to learn more.

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