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Everyday Ethics Columns
Analyzing Public Service Dilemmas


The Institute’s ethics program analyzed different ethical dilemmas public officials are likely to face.

Some of the dilemmas have legal dimensions, some have ethical dimensions and many are a combination of both. The column appeared in Western City magazine, the monthly publication of one of the Institute’s parent organizations, the League of California Cities.

Everyday Ethics Article Archive



Promoting Good Governance Within Your Agency
December 2014

How can my agency determine whether it is engaging in good governance practices and identify areas where improvements can be made? The article at right discusses this topic and introduces ILG’s new resource, “The Good Governance Checklist: Good and Better Practices.”

To download this article and the checklist see the documents on the right.


Getting Public Employees Off to a Good Start
October 2014

Frequent blind spots for public employees is not thinking how behaviors could be portrayed in the most unflattering light by a reporter or blogger.


When Tragedy Strikes: A Leader’s Role, Revisited
August 2014

The public is demanding answers and information about a recent tragedy in our community, expressing a strong desire that those responsible be held accountable. Our local agency staff is investigating what happened and whether any wrongdoing has occurred.


Deciding When to Step Aside from the Decision-Making Process: Abstentions and Disqualifications
Updated June 2014

Our governing body is struggling with the issue of abstentions. When must one abstain; when is it up to the individual?


Agency Romances: Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places
February 2014

What issues do elected officials face if they find themselves attracted to staff that work within their agencies? 

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