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Case Stories and Examples
Sustainable Economic Development


These case stories and examples offer ideas and  lessons learned from cities and counties who have undertaken sustainable economic development.

Case Story
Courtesy City of Hughson

The Little City of Hughson Makes a Big Statement in the Central Valley

The City of Hughson is taking dramatic steps to secure a future of sustainable economic prosperity by building upon the key component of its local economy – agriculture.  Read the case story for more.

Case Story

Partnering to Create a New Richmond

The City of Richmond was once known as one of the unhealthiest, crime-ridden cities in the Bay Area. But after establishing key partnerships and adopting an innovative general plan, the city has landed an important economic development opportunity that could signal its shift to becoming one of the most desirable business locations in the region.


Today’s Youth: Tomorrow’s Green Workforce
September 2012

Green training programs that focus on youth also contribute to local economies and job expansion. This whitepaper highlights a number of innovative programs throughout California.


Sustainability and Economic Development Go Hand in Hand
May 2010

As California communities struggle to rebuild their budgets and local economies, it’s helpful to consider the contributions that can be made by investing in sustainability policies, programs and projects. California’s green technology boom has both economic development and sustainability implications statewide.

Case Story

The Oakland Green Jobs Corps

Local efforts to reduce energy dependence and slow the threat of global warming have the potential to create significant business opportunities. But as the emerging “green economy” grows in Oakland and throughout the East Bay, where can business leaders turn for skilled green collar labor? Enter the Oakland Green Jobs Corps, a program to meet the needs of local green businesses and provide green job training and employment opportunities for low-income residents.

Case Story

Local Green Jobs: Sierra Nevada Energy Watch

A best practice case study developed by Pat Stoner, Statewide Local Government Energy Efficiency Coordinator.

Case Story

Richmond Rehabilitates Housing Complex

The city of Richmond recently unveiled Pullman Point, a revitalized affordable housing community.

Case Story

Redondo Beach Uses Targeted Rezoning to Revitalize a Neighborhood

The City of Redondo Beach’s efforts to provide senior and affordable housing, remove obsolete industrial uses, and improve an existing neighborhood are taking shape through targeted rezoning.


Redevelopment & Revitalization Vignettes

This series of vignettes offer snapshots of California communities before and after redevelopment or revitalization projects.


Economic Development Collaborative-Ventura County

Economic Development Collaborative-Ventura County focuses on attraction, retention and expansion of businesses in Ventura County through economic development programs that showcase the county’s investment in cutting-edge business sectors and the high quality of life for residents.
The organization is funded through contributions from the County of Ventura, all 10 cities in the county and top-level private sector executives. 

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