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BAAQMD 2009 Climate Action Leadership Summit

Image of BAAQMD Climate Action Leadership Summit program cover

Access resources & materials from this regional summit of local Bay Area leaders, including an excerpt from Thomas Friedman’s keynote address.

In May 2009, the Air District hosted a Climate Action Leadership Summit with the goal of accelerating implementation of policies and projects in the Bay Area to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. At the Summit, world-renowned journalist Thomas Friedman, author of “Hot, Flat and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution – and How It Can Renew America,” delivered a keynote address that emphasized the power of local governments in pushing a greener economy for the region and country. Summit attendees then participated in hands-on working sessions targeted to local governments on implementing climate solutions and building capacity to address state climate legislation.

Following the Summit, the Air District Board of Directors added climate protection to the Air District’s mission, signaling its commitment to pursuing greenhouse gas reduction through all District programs and initiatives.

Breakout Session Presentations

The 2009 Summit featured nine breakout sessions focused on climate action and planning. View presentations and resources from the sessions below.

Elected Officials’ Dialogue: Paying for It All

SB 375: A Bottom-Up Approach

General Plans or Climate Action Plans: Which Way to Go?

Rising Seas: Preparing for Climate Change

Equip your Climate Action Toolbox

Elected Officials’ Dialogue: Technology and the Green Economy

Come and Get It: Sustainable Financing Districts

Housing as Key Tool to Reduce Community Emissions

The Role of Pricing in Reducing VMT

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