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Local Control Funding Formula


Local Control Funding Formula

In 2013, Governor Brown signed legislation that changes funding formulas for California’s schools. CCS Partnership has gathered resources that provide an overview of the funding change and may serve as resources to cities, counties, and schools in understanding Local Control Funding Forumla (LCFF).  The elements of community and family engagement that are part of Local Control Funding Formula are also fundamental  to the collective impact strategy known as Community Schools Partnerships. These resources are shared as part of CCS Partnership’s suite of materials in its toolkit for community schools partnerships.


Resources to Learn More About Local Control Funding Formula

The Local Control Funding Formula, and the accompanying Local Control Accountability Plan, serves as the new funding mechanism for California’s K-12 students. Included here are organizations and materials for more information to assist city, county and school officials in understanding the formula and its implementation.


Resources for Engaging the Community in LCFF Implementation

ILG offers materials to help local agencies engage members of the public. These tools can help local education agencies, counties, cities, special districts and other agencies develop an engagement strategy. The Institute is grateful to The James Irvine Foundation for its support of these efforts.

As California’s school districts implement Local Control Accountability Plans as part of the Local Control Funding Formula strategy, these engagement resources may assist elected officials and staff.

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