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Resources to Learn More About Local Control Funding Formula


The Local Control Funding Formula, and the accompanying Local Control Accountability Plan, serves as the new funding mechanism for California’s K-12 students. Included here are organizations and materials for more information to assist city, county and school officials in understanding the formula and its implementation.

The California Department of Education

“The 2013–14 budget package replaces the previous K–12 finance system with a new Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). For school districts and charter schools, the LCFF creates base, supplemental, and concentration grants in place of most previously existing K–12 funding streams, including revenue limits and most state categorical programs. For county offices of education, the LCFF creates separate funding streams for oversight activities and instructional programs.”

Overview of Local Control Funding Formula


LCFF legislation, Chapter 47, Statutes of 2013 (AB 97) 

LCFF revisions, Chapter 49, Statutes of 2013 (SB 91) 

LCFF revisions, Chapter 357, Statutes of 2013 (SB 97)

American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California

The ACLU defends the fundamental rights outlined in the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These include the right to freedom of speech and assembly; the right to religious freedom; due process of law; equality before the law; and the right to privacy. The ACLU also relies on state constitutional provisions and federal and state laws that further these and similar rights.

Local Control Funding Formula

Association of California School Administrators

The mission of the Association of California School Administrators, the driving force of education in California and beyond, is to ensure the creation of communities of learning and teaching that serve both the aspirations of individual students and the greater good of society…

The California Endowment

Local Control Funding Formula Resource and Idea Center

California School Boards Association

CSBA is the nonprofit education association representing the elected officials who govern public school districts and county offices of education. With a membership of nearly 1,000 educational agencies statewide, CSBA brings together school governing boards, and administrators from districts and county offices of education to advocate for effective policies that advance the education and well-being of the state’s more than 6 million school-age children. A membership-driven association, CSBA provides policy resources and training to members, and represents the statewide interests of public education through legal, political legislative, community and media advocacy.

CSBA’s LCFF Resources

CSBA’s LCFF Toolkit

CSBA’s LCFF Presentation

Children Now

Children Now is the leading, nonpartisan, umbrella research, policy development, and advocacy organization dedicated to promoting children’s health and education in California and creating national media policies that support child development. The organization also leads The Children’s Movement of California.

What is LCFF


EdSource is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization founded in 1977 to highlight strategies for student success.

Local Control Funding Guide

Ed Trust West

The Education Trust—West is an Oakland-based statewide educational policy, research, and advocacy organization that works for the high academic achievement of all students at all levels, pre-k through college.

LCAP Watch

Families in Schools

Families In Schools envisions a public education system where students have all the opportunities and resources necessary to succeed in school and in life.

Reimagining Parent Engagement in California Moving from 1.0 to 2.0


A research, development, and service agency whose mission is to promote excellence, achieve equity, and improve learning for children, youth, and adults. Since its inception in 1966, WestEd has been guided by knowledge from research and practice, drawing on an ever-growing and constantly refined database in development.

LCFF Implementation Videos

LCAP Webinars

Evaluation / Assessing the Performance of Local Education Agencies

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