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Resources for Engaging the Community in LCFF Implementation


ILG offers materials to help local agencies engage members of the public. These tools can help local education agencies, counties, cities, special districts and other agencies develop an engagement strategy. The Institute is grateful to The James Irvine Foundation for its support of these efforts.

As California’s school districts implement Local Control Accountability Plans as part of the Local Control Funding Formula strategy, these engagement resources may assist elected officials and staff.

Basics of Public Engagement

Information and resources about the “basics” of public engagement benefits, principles, design, and other related topics to help local and regional agencies successfully involve residents and others in local public decision-making.

Why Engage the Public?

Tip sheet offers a description of the benefits that can result from the engagement of the public in the civic and political life in their communities.

Beyond the Usuals: Ideas to Encourage Broader Public Involvement in Your Community

Guide shares essential strategies at the core of any effort to extend participation and increase the views and voices in a community’s public engagement activities.

Effective Public Engagement through Strategic Communication

Strategic communication is an essential tool for effective public engagement.  This tip sheet offers advice on communication strategies before, during and after the agency’s public engagement effort.

Principles of Local Government Public Engagement

Ten principles that can serve as helpful indicators of effective and ethical public engagement practices, as well as guide city, county and other local officials in the design of public engagement processes and strategies.

Making the Most of Contractual Collaborations with Community-Based Non-Profits

Local education agencies, schools, districts and county offices of education have an opportunity to engage and partner with community-based organizations to implement Local Control Accountability Plans. This paper provides suggestions for success in working with community-based organizations.

Working Effectively with Public Engagement Consultants: Tips for Local Officials

This tip sheet offers recommendations to help guide local officials in the best use of public engagement consultants.

As members of the public learn more about funding and financing of schools in California, there community may have more interest in understanding county and city revenues and budgeting processes.  The Institute offers resources in its Budgeting and Finance section of its website to help those who may be “New to Local Public Service.”

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