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Orange County Division of League of California Cities Training for Newly Elected Officials


Officials from the Orange County Division within the League of California Cities meet for training on Friday, February 15 at Irvine City Hall. Presentations provided at the training are available on the right.  For handouts and information, see below.


Pamphlet: The ABCs of Open Government Laws

This handy pamphlet provides a plain-language explanation of what decision-makers need to know about California’s transparency laws (the Brown Act and the Public Records Act).


Money and Public Service: A Possible Blind Spot?
December 2012

This article examines the intriguing question of why some public servants may fall into the trap of putting self-interests ahead of the public’s interests. 

The article draws heavily from the behavioral research presented in Blind Spots: Why We Fail to Do What’s Right and What to Do About It.


Ethics Law Principles for Public Servants

This four-page pamphlet summarizes the kinds of issues and financial interests that ought to trigger a conversation with one’s agency counsel about what the law requires.


Local Agency Website Transparency Opportunities

This document provides checklists and guidance for posting information in categories such as Decision-Making, Finance and Human Resources, Permits and Zoning, Elected Officials, News and more. Click here to see the PDF and related articles featuring the City of Bell.


Maximizing the Success of Board/Chief Executive Relations

Different local agencies use different names for the chief executive officer: city manager, city or county administrator, chief executive officer, and executive director are among a few.


Financial Management for Elected Officials: Questions to Ask / Administración Financiera para Oficiales Electos:

This plain language publication, available in English and Spanish, helps elected officials, the media and the public understand the basics of local agency financial planning and management, including what kinds of questions to ask to assure good practices are being followed.


A Glossary of Land Use and Planning Terms

This resource helps local officials and the public understand the terms that are commonly used in the process of making local land use and planning decisions.


Understanding the Basics of Land Use and Planning: The Nuts and Bolts of Project Review

This handy, four-page pamphlet summarizes the “nuts and bolts” of the process of reviewing a typical application for development. The cardstock format is portable enough to keep with public agency agenda packets and the like.

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