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Christy Jewell
Institute Staff


Senior Program Manager

With over 20 years of public and private sector experience in program management, career pathway development, talent pipeline management, communications and business/education partnerships, Christy is proficient in designing, implementing, and managing inclusive career counseling programs and development initiatives. She has a strong track record of building and nurturing strong business/education partnerships, resulting in significant growth in university-wide internship programs and high graduate employment rates.

Dedicated to optimizing employer hiring needs through talent and leadership development, as well as connections to higher education partners, Christy has a robust network to engage solutions that have successful outcomes for a variety of stakeholders around internships and workforce development. She is active with several Chambers of Commerce, economic and workforce development organizations, and internship management groups throughout the State. As an elected Director with the South Placer Municipal Utility District, she also understands the unique career opportunities available in special districts.

Christy is responsible for managing the Institute’s efforts in growing awareness of, and creating career pathways to, public sector employment opportunities. She will work with partners throughout the State to help attract, recruit and retain a diverse talent pipeline of next gen leadership


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