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Water & Wastewater Systems


Water and waste water systems are important elements to addressing climate change for several reasons. First, since energy is used to deliver water and waste water services, using water and wastewater systems more efficiently indirectly also reduces energy use. Second, the impacts of climate change include increased drought and extreme weather events, such as heavy rain and storms, floods and reduced snow pack, all of which effect water availability. Thus, efforts to conserve and use water more efficiently will help cities and counties adapt to the impacts of climate change.

The best practices included in this section apply to cities and counties that provide water and waste water services directly, as well as to those that receive these services from other public or private agencies.

Water & Wastewater Systems Goals

  • Reduce Energy use in water, irrigation and waste water systems (either operated by agency or by another agency or private company).
  • Reduce water use in agency operations and in the community.

See specific water and waste water systems best practices.

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