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Upcoming ILG Webinars


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Rethinking Natural Disasters After COVID-19
Building Local Resilience to Earthquakes, Mudslides & Wildfires

Webinar Description

Our community’s risk from natural disasters continues to increase despite COVID. When homes, businesses, and infrastructure is destroyed, our very society is at risk of wide-scale shutdown. In this free webinar, natural disaster expert Dr. Lucy Jones will show us that through science and effective planning, we can better understand what the risk is to natural disasters — like earthquakes, wildfires and mudslides — and how to address them, particularly in light of the pandemic.

Local agency leaders can make California communities much more resilient to future disasters through the choices we make today and tomorrow. In this webinar, you’ll learn about tools to assess, mitigate and prepare for the disruption of a major disaster, as well as specific solutions related to building resilience around energy infrastructure.


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