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Healthy Neighborhoods Whitepapers & Tip Sheets


Primers, issue briefs and other short pieces on healthy neighborhoods.


Integrating Health Considerations into Local Decision Making

Cities and counties throughout California are demonstrating leadership in creating active, lively communities that support the health and vitality of their residents while also making their communities more sustainable.


Climate Change and Public Health: An Overview for Local Officials

This paper looks at the relationship between climate change and public health and provides strategies to consider to meet the potential public health impacts of climate change.


Helping Families Find Affordable Children’s Health Insurance: A Local Official’s Guide

“Helping Families Find Affordable Children’s Health Insurance: A Local Official’s Guide” offers ideas and step-by-step guidance on how local officials can help families in their communities find affordable health insurance for their children. The guide builds upon the Insure Kids website.

See guide at right for download.


Establishing a Local Housing Trust Fund

A safe, affordable home is the cornerstone of the California dream. Providing a full range of housing choices is one of the most fundamental elements of a vibrant and livable community. Unfortunately, the dream is out of economic reach for far too many families in California.


Ensuring Continued Affordability in Homeownership Programs

The initial creation of affordable housing for homeowners requires a major effort by local government, developers, housing organizations, and citizens alike.

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