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Assessment Services Available from ILG


Is a particular dispute appropriate for resolution by mediation or some other alternative dispute resolution process? Are all parties in a dispute interested in using alternative dispute resolution? One cost-effective way to find out is through an assessment process.

The Institute offers such services as part of its Intergovernmental Conflict Resolution Project on a fee basis.

The assessment is a phased approach that typically involves first exploring a number of issues relating to the dispute with one agency (although the Institute welcomes the opportunity to explore these issues with both agencies). An assessment is a cost-effective way to find out whether a dispute is such that alternative dispute resolution might be appropriate and successful in resolving the dispute. Conversely, the assessment may identify issues that suggest alternative dispute resolution is not likely to help resolve the dispute.

The specific objectives of an assessment are to:

  • Identify who’s involved
  • Understand the history and dynamics of the conflict and the factors that may advance or present obstacles to use of alternative dispute resolution.
  • Determine the feasibility of proceeding with alternative dispute resolution
  • (Ideally) suggest what kind of alternative dispute resolution process would be most appropriate.

This kind of assessment is most helpful if performed in the early stages of a dispute before litigation or other rights-based processes begin.

To learn more about what is involved in an assessment, see pod at right. To discuss fees and perhaps scheduling an assessment, call 916.658.8208. 


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