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A service of ILG’s Sustainable Communities Learning Network, the News Flash highlights fresh resources and upcoming events tailored for local sustainability practitioners.


Webinar – Financing Recycling Programs

Propositions 26 and 218 have changed how cities and counties can finance recycling and solid waste programs in their communities. ILG is hosting webinar on November 4th to discuss these impacts and the options available to local governments to implement recycling programs.


Kern County – Financing Recycling Through a Land Use Fee
Case Story

Kern County has a unique way of funding its integrated waste management – a “land use fee” charged annually to county residents and collected on their property tax bill. This fee provides steady, predictable funding to support residential disposal of solid waste, recycling, household hazardous waste disposal and other programs, and helps to keep illegal dumping to a minimum. 


New Beacon Program Participant!

The City of Claremont is now a Beacon Program participant! Claremont’s sustainability efforts include: adopting a Sustainable City Plan, participating in the HEAL Cities Campaign and becoming a Tree City USA among other efforts. Click here to find out more about their climate action activities and resources!


Cap and Trade: Urban and Community Forestry Program GhG Reduction Fund

Concept proposals for CalFire Urban and Community Forestry’s Cap-and Trade Grant Program are due by November 13! Click here for information on the guidelines and request for proposals for the five grant programs.


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