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Leading Local: Navigating Re-Opening Anxiety


Webinar Description

After more than a year of shelter in place orders, California has begun the process of fully re-opening workplaces. Local government leaders are in the unique position of having to consider the mental health impacts of new workplace policies, as well as the legal and operational challenges of enforcement and implementation. In this Leading Local webinar, we’ll explore the anxiety that local leaders and staff may be feeling about the evolving COVID re-opening guidance and discuss strategies to balance self-care considerations with shifting state and federal requirements.


  • Dr. Miguel Gallardo, Professor of Psychology and Program Director of Aliento, Pepperdine University
  • Rob Lechner, Director of Facilities and Security Operations, SMUD
  • Michael Youril, Partner, Liebert Cassidy Whitmore

Moderated by ILG CEO & Executive Director, Erica L. Manuel



Leading Local: Navigating Re-Opening Anxiety

About the LEADING LOCAL Series

2020 was fraught with unprecedented challenges ranging from a global pandemic, to extreme natural disasters, to a divisive and polarizing election cycle. Local government leaders are being asked to step up in entirely new ways. How can they serve as role models for their communities and their peers in these ever-changing times?

LEADING LOCAL is a new thought leadership forum from ILG that is focused on addressing difficult topics and sensitive issues local government leaders face. Sessions will cover a wide range of issues and challenges like leading through conflict, civility and ethics, building personal resilience and more. LEADING LOCAL … because leadership starts at the local level. All LEADING LOCAL sessions will be specially curated with content for elected officials and staff at California cities, counties and special districts.

Past LEADING LOCAL Webinars Available On Demand

Session 1: The Role of Local Government in Times of National Crisis

Session 2: Addressing Hate Crimes

Session 4: Bridging Divides

Upcoming Session Topics

Webinar dates and times to be announced; topics subject to change

  • Building Personal Resilience 
  • Leading through Conflict
  • Building Bridges & Bridging Divides 
  • Implicit Bias
  • Exploring Equity in Your Local Agency
  • Civility & Ethics
  • Collaboration across Boundaries & Jurisdictions

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