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School-Based Health Centers


School-Based Health Centers

Information via the California School-Based Health Alliance website.

School-based health centers (SBHCs) are an innovative way to make sure all kids get health care and do well in school. They are located on school campuses and offer services in a place that is familiar, trusted, age-appropriate and convenient for all students and families.  SBHCs encompass a variety of models – from clinics with full-time medical and mental health staff to part-time clinics offering a limited set of services. Some SBHCs serve only students; others serve the entire community.  The number of SBHCs has continued to grow over the past decade because schools, providers and communities know that supporting healthy children is a smart investment.  The need and impact of school based health centers is great and centers can be more effective when they are culturally relevant to the community it serves and when youth, family and community are engaged.

To see a current list of school-based health centers in California, please visit this page of the School Based Health Center website. Additional fact sheets and information are listed here:

School-Based Health Centers

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